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"Helen ably portrays Mary Queen of Scots in a dignified, yet enthusiastic way, in order to record and admire the incredible qualities Mary needed to get through her short dramatic life. A chaotic fusion of tragedy, treachery and human misery can be brought into very sharp relief by detailed and well researched presentation. Helen enables the impartial observer to experience all the highs and lows of this iconic Scottish Queen and benefit from very sympathetic interpretation which brightens souls of all ages."  


Graham Hadley, Director,

Mary Queen of Scots Enterprises (Kinross) Limited.

“My friend Nina got to play the part of Lord Hamilton! She got to go up and join in! I want to do that next time we see her!”


May Cooper, aged 11

“We wandered into a tent during the festival to mark the Battle of Langside at Queen’s Park and came across Mary, Quen of Scots - Helen’s knowledge was second to none but it was the rapport she built with her ‘subject’ that I found most impressive. She had them eating out of the palm of her hand!!!”


Nicole Cooper, festival patron

" It was amazing to see the character of Mary Queen of Scots come to life, and has impacted greatly on the children's learning. All of the activities were engaging, insightful and informative.  I will definitely be recommending this experiential learning workshop to other schools. "

Mrs MacPhail, 

P6 teacher, Kilbowie Primary School

“I loved the way she showed us how to bow to her!” Bailie Cooper, aged 9

Your performance was enchanting, funny, enthusiastic, professional and a fun way of learning the history of Scotland for the children among the audience. You really immersed yourself in the character of Mary and it was wonderful to watch. 


Your acting throughout the performance, when you played other characters was marvellous to watch. What a wonderful actress you are Helen.  


We would be very interested in coming to see you acting again, if you could please give details of any other performances, acts etc,


Elaine Hamilton,

Festival patron

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